Preschool Openings

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Amber Comptois

(774) 289-0716

34 months – Kindergarten entering age 


 Prepare your child for Kindergarten


Preschoolers will focus on recognizing letters, shapes,

colors and numbers in detail.


Children will be able to recognize their name in print. 


Children will also work in pairs/groups to develop

“team-work” skills. 


Children will Develope and recognize simple patterns.


Each child will enter Kindergarten with great confidence!


Children at the preschool level will take what they have already learned and apply it to everyday life.


Example: Snack Helper

Can you please pass out one napkin and three crackers to each child?


The child will be able to follow the multistep directions given. The child will also be able to show "one to one correspondence" with 1 napkin and 3 crackers.