There will be many changes made at Tiny Toes Childcare in the upcoming months.  Today the children decorated their handbags.  These bags are for bringing materials to and from daycare.  Please have your child bring their bag each day.  Children’s daily reports and projects will be put into their bag once completed.  All other belongings should be kept in your childs cubbie.  Please remember that personal items should not be brought into daycare.  Naping items may be kept in their cubbies and only brought out during nap time. 


A monthly calendar will be posted for families to keep up with our activities!

"We Love to Learn Through Play!"


Tiny Toes Newsletter


Please read the hand outs put in your childs cubbie. 

Please have your children bring their handbags in with them daily.


The children will continue to play outside weather permitting. 

Please make sure your child comes to daycare with appropriate clothing and shoes please.

Please be sure your child has a change of clothing.

Look for our flyers and AD in The Smart Shopper!